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Melissa Hannebrink, Owner
Andrew has been in customer service and technology since 1998 but first had a PC in his sticky little hands at the ripe age of 5, in 1986.  He has worked as a manager at Staples, and has also worked at Best Buy. Now being at the Geek Boutique he is able to share his love for people, learning and computers while bringing the "big box" to a small town shop.
Scott has been involved in computer support since 1996. He has worked in many different environments including Apple and Micron. He also has extensive experience supporting local businesses and individuals with their computer and network problems. He loves helping people with their technology needs.
Carson is a student at North Point Academy, where he is a senior. He has been interested in computers since a young age, and loves helping people with their technological needs.
With over 14 years in the administrative field, Kiki brings her love for people to Quietech Associates to serve your day to day needs and bring a smile to your face upon arriving.
Jennifer is an energetic, results-driven customer service professional with more than eight years of experience.  She looks forward to meeting you so come in and say hello!
Gingy is a Grass Valley native.  She was adopted from AnimalSave in 2011. She loves her home office, the Geek Boutique, where she can meet new people every day who will pet and adore her.  She enjoys belly rubs and barrel-rolling.