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Melissa always shows up promptly, replies in an extremely timely manner to any request and is professional while friendly. I would highly recommend her for any job no matter how big or small. A true gem!

Dana S.

Your service is outstanding. You both are very professional and you address the customer as an equal. Your service included cleanup on my computer, installing WIFI and training on my Tablet. Just stay the same, efficient and understanding of the customers needs.

Edna B.

Melissa has been to our house to work on our PC as well as my laptop. She always calls to let you know if she is running late and works with accuracy as well as speed. In addition, when I have had a problem that might be solved using "tricks of the trade", she is more than willing to communicate via email to give possible solutions. My husband and I highly recommend her!

Susan M.

Melissa is the ideal person for your technical support and help with your business and home computer solutions. She makes house calls! She gets in there and gets the job done. She's a whiz, a veritable ninja, which makes her rates more than reasonable. Melissa and her staff offer high level professionalism with home town friendliness at the Quietech Geek Boutique serving Nevada County. I'm fortunate to have Melissa and Quietech Associates on my team!

Jayne R.

Melissa is a true professional. She is prompt, efficient and always completes the job to our satisfaction. As a small business, it is imperative that we have a computer expert that we can depend on for our tech issues. We are always pleased with her service!

Gwynn W.

Melissa has "magic fingers" that fly across the keyboard undoing any problems that are creating difficulty for me. She is smart, funny, insightful and has great ideas. She is worth her weight in gold! I would highly recommend her :)

Stacey L.

Melissa is among the best of the best in personalized service, with a caring attitude and really great knowledge. Never, ever hesitate to ask her for help ... she comes with bushels of it!!!

David B.

Unmatched technical skills with excellent and personable response and service. Highly recommend!

Geo. C.

I always love when Melissa comes for an appointment. she's very knowledgeable and always helpful. we have a great time laughing and learning. highly recommend her....

Joni K.

Melissa is knowledgeable and efficient with computers. Her enthusiasm for her craft makes her visits a pleasure. She is able to accomplish a great deal in a short time. She is professional and a good communicator.

Lisa S.
Melissa Hannebrink, Owner