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About Quietech
Melissa Hannebrink, Owner
The History of Quietech 
Quietech Associates, Inc. was incorporated in New Jersey in 1984.  It began as a company providing sales of sound enclosures/covers for dot matrix printers (hence the QUIETech).  By 1986, the Hannebrink family had relocated to California and Ben Hannebrink began providing IT support in the Nevada County area.  Ben also partnered with Harvest Computers, which was on Maltman Drive, to teach classes such as Basic Computer, DOS, data management, WordPerfect, Lotus 123, and dBase. Melissa frequently insisted upon coming along for the classes as a child.  In 1990, Ben stopped teaching classes to provide IT support full-time until his retirement in 2013, when he passed the torch to his daughter Melissa Hannebrink.  Melissa has been consulting as a computer tech since 1998 and is proud to be the new president of Quietech Associates.